David's Diary: Thursday, September 5, 2002

Kastle Luksic, Croatia

Jocelyn Doing School While Underway

Anchorages are so close together in Croatia that we decided to do something different. Yesterday, we started school as usual and worked through the morning. For recess, all three children met me at the grocery store so that they could help me carry everything back to Dragonsinger. Not your typical Canadian school recess. We kept working on school until the early afternoon when we dropped our mooring lines and headed off for a short passage.

There was light wind so we set the sails as we rounded the point near the marina. Jocelyn felt that she still had more work to do, so she continued to study, even as the boat started healing over. As a classroom it is different, but we're glad that it works for Jocelyn.

Kastle Luksic
Kastle Luksic

We arrived at Kastle Luksic after about an hour and a half. We anchored out near the castle and the kids went for an after-school swim. Today, we took the dinghy ashore and explored the castle. It has been faithfully restored to the way it would have been in the 18th century. The building now hosts a bank, the local library, the tourist office, art displays, a band practice room, and a museum. We explored all of it before heading back to Dragonsinger to finish school for the day.

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