Greer Family News December 15, 2023: Christmas Newsletter

David, Daniel, Diego, Jocelyn, Alanna, Karalee, Carley, and Kevin

Allen and Benita

Another of year of big successes. Jocelyn and Daniel welcomed baby girl Alanna. Kevin and Carley traveled and bought their first home. Allen and Benita got engaged. David and Karalee did two big travel trips, while each continued developing their careers.

Karalee and David Travelled in 2023

David and Karalee in Petra, Jordan

Karalee and David spent a week in Istanbul, where David got to drive their tour boat up the Bosporus. They then traveled for two weeks in Jordan which was spectacular. Highlights included the food, Petra, and Wadi Rum (a desert). Our guide gave many insights into Jordan culture.

In October, they flew to Japan for the first time. After touring Tokyo for two days, they joined the Windstar Breeze for a 10-day cruise around the southern half of Japan. It was emotional and important that Karalee and David visited Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They finished with three days in Kyoto and two more in Tokyo.

Much of the year, Karalee and David were anticipating the arrival of Alanna. They also had some weeks away sailing on Sea Bird.

Jocelyn, Daniel, and Diego Welcome Alanna

Daniel, Diego, Alanna, and Jocelyn

On August 1, 2023 Jocelyn, Daniel, and Diego welcomed baby girl Alanna to the world. Diego is a fabulous older brother. He is in swimming, gymnastics, and Taekwondo. Alanna is a happy child, who sometimes minimizes her sleep, making things challenging for Jocelyn.

The family visited Montreal in June, Daniel's first time there. Then they visited Niagara Falls before meeting some of David's Douglas family for the first time in Toronto. They returned to Montreal with Alanna in the fall to hang out with friends and their children.

Allen and Benita

Benita and Allen

It has been a year of milestones for Allen and Benita! Extended family and friends gathered in Toronto to celebrate Benita's graduation with a Master's Degree in Social Work from University of Toronto, and engagement. Quite the party!

Post-graduation, Benita was hired at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) within the Haematology/Oncology department, where she completed her clinical practicum. She continues to support patients and families impacted by childhood cancer. Benita and Allen also landed on a loft outside the craziness of the downtown core. This gave room to purchase their first car together, a super zippy and fuel-efficient VW Golf, making exploring easier to places such as Montreal, Detroit, New York, and Prince Edward Country.

Allen continues to work within the tech sector, prioritizing mental and physical health. He continues to engage with his surrounding community, friends, and family while continuing his passion for music, sports, and cooking. He even went to a record 20 live-music events this year!

Eastern living continues to rub off on them!

Kevin and Carley

Carley and Kevin on Sea Bird

After four years of hard work Carley is now a qualified registered nurse. Kevin and Carley moved back to Vancouver living with Karalee and David all year. Then they left on a ten-week trip to Asia, after which they started looking for a home to buy. They bought a 1 bed and loft townhome in Vancouver very near to where they work. They moved in on November 2nd.

In August Carley started as an ER nurse at Vancouver General Hospital. Kevin is a team leader in Lulu Lemon corporate.

David Focused on Family and Sailing

David in Edmonton with his Mom

David spent lots of time on Sea Bird. In August, he set several personal sailing records. Longest solo passage ever (80 nm) and longest solo sail (7 hours).

He visited his Greer family in Edmonton twice and spent a week with Peter Douglas (his birth father) in Lake Muskoka. He was with his maternal Ridley family as they celebrated the life of his birth mother Terry Ridley, who passed away in April without ever having met David.

Karalee Enjoyed Family

Alanna, Daniel's Mom Maria, and Karalee

Karalee is enjoying life. She continues to enjoy her expanding family and loves being Nana to Diego and Alanna (and Mimo too). She's now in a leadership role with the World Referral Network and continues to be a Butterflyway Ranger with the David Suzuki Foundation and helps take care of 3 gardens.

Travel has been fabulous visiting Jordan and Japan. Time on our sailboat continues to be a pleasure especially in nice weather.


Visiting Turkey, Jordan, and Japan showed Karalee and David many ways that people live peacefully together. In Jordan they stood on one side of the Jordan River looking across at Israel only 50 feet away. Their travel has given more insight on the multiple perspectives of the world events of 2023.

We are reminded that having our health, our family, and Canada's freedoms and democracy are privileges easy to take for granted.

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