A Two Year Mediterranean Cruise

Bodrum, Turkey
Allen, Karalee, Kevin, Jocelyn, and David onboard Dragonsinger

Welcome to our home away from home. We are a Canadian family who took two years away from land-based life to cruise the Mediterranean Sea. We are now back in Vancouver, but please enjoy our exciting adventure by exploring this Web site. If you have questions about the cruising lifestyle, the Mediterranean Sea, or our experiences, please send us a note. We are always happy to share what we learned.

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Contacting Us  Staying in contact while we cruised the Mediterranean was a challenge, but we managed to stay in contact the whole time we were away.

Diary  Everyone kept a diary during our trip, but David was the only one to publish his on a regular basis.

Dragonsinger  In order to go cruising we needed to have a sailboat. We purchased a new Jeanneau 43 DS in France and commissioned it in Port St. Louis du Rhone.

Frequently Asked Questions  We are asked lots of questions, but a few are asked the most often. We try and answer the most common ones.

News  We posted regular updates on the Web site describing what we were up to.

Pictures  See pictures of the entire family during our time away on the Mediterranean Sea.

Home Schooling  While we traveled we had to fit in schooling for three children in different grades. It was a challenge, but teaching while traveling has its own rewards.

Sailing Search  We have created a Google custom search engine for cruising sailors. Use the search box below to search for cruising resources.

Technical Information  Modern sailboats use technology to make sailing safer and smarter. We attempt to strike a balance between all of the latest gizmos and the desire to get away from it all.

Video  This short video captures the highlights of the experience of living on board Dragonsinger and sailing in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Aegean Seas.

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