Our Cruising Boat Dragonsinger

Dragonsinger sailing the Adriatic (Photo Willy Ritch-Smith)

Our home on the Mediterranean for over two years was Dragonsinger, a Jeanneau 43DS sailboat. Before leaving Vancouver, we worked with a number of local yacht brokers and decided that the right boat for us was the Jeanneau 43 DS (the DS means Deck Saloon). The Jeanneau 43DS was introduced in the fall of 2000. The raised deck provides extra light and storage space below. It also means that while in the main cabin it is easy to look out and view the horizon. This is important for safety during passages and it made it easier for us to keep track of the kids.

Interior Cabin of a Sister Ship

The cabin provided a chart table with two seats to port and the main dining table to starboard. This arrangement worked well when we are schooling the children as everyone is able to spread out. The raised windows provided a lot of light into the main cabin giving us a positive environment to live in full-time.

Boats such as the Jeanneau 43 DS are large complicated machines that must be self-sufficient in numerous areas. Dragonsinger looked after us, but we had to constantly look after her.

Interior of Dragonsinger

More interior photos of Dragonsinger.

Dragsinger Jeanneau 43DS Chart Table and Instruments
Chart Table and Instruments

Dragsinger Jeanneau 43DS Main Cabin Table
Main Cabin Table

Dragsinger Jeanneau 43DS Looking Towards the V-Berth
Looking Towards the V-Berth

Dragsinger Jeanneau 43DS Galley
The Generous L-Shaped Galley

Dragsinger Jeanneau 43DS Companionway Stairs
Companionway Stairs and Doors to the Aft Cabin

Dragsinger Jeanneau 43DS Galley and Main Cabin Table
Galley and Main Cabin Table
Note that we put in a custom extension next to the sinks

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