Technical Information

Because David has spent his professional career in the technology industry, it should be no surprise that our boat is equipped with a large variety of modern technologies. At the same time, we are sailors that use technology to augment traditional practices and not replace them. For example, we will carry a full set of paper charts and use the compass and the log to create an estimate of our position. More advanced navigation tools are used to make traditional navigation more accurate, but in the case of equipment or power failure we still have non-electronic navigation tools to rely on.

Computers  We carry two portable computers on board. One computer is dedicated to navigation, e-mail, and administrative functions while the second one is used as the student PC and DVD player.

E-mail  In the twenty-first century, you can't travel for a year without being connected. But receiving e-mail on a boat in the Mediterranean turns out to be a difficult problem.

Instruments  Boats are equipped with a wide variety of dedicated instruments. These instruments can now be networked together to provide a real-time display of what is happening in and around the boat.

Navigation  The Mediterranean Sea has been navigated for centuries. We use a variety of ancient and modern tools and techniques to insure that we know where the boat is and where we want it to go.

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