Boat Computers

During a year away on a boat, one might think that you could do without computers. Such thinking would ignore the reality of the modern-day world. We require computers to help navigate the boat, manage our finances, help teach our children, and to entertain us.

Adult's PC

We use a Compaq Armada as the main navigation and administrative PC. This PC is used to connect us to the Internet and provide for e-mail access. While the boat is moving, Nobletec software is used to provide real-time plotting of the Dragonsinger's position. And if David thinks of his next software product, the Compaq is loaded up with the latest in Windows development tools.

Children's PC

A new Dell computer, complete with DVD is dedicated to the children. Since we will not have a TV or VCR on the boat, this computer is our one modern entertainment device. While the screen is small by television standards, the DVD player provides a way for the whole family to watch movies.

This computer is the school computer. School projects will be completed on this PC and it is loaded with a large variety of CD reference material to assist in home schooling.

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