David's Diary: Sunday, January 12, 2003

Running In Monastir

David ready to run

Karalee and I have got back into a running regime. We used to run in Vancouver and at the start of our trip we did some running while we were in France. But since we really started moving around the Mediterranean in Dragonsinger it has not been practical to run.

When we arrived in Monastir in October, we began with the Vancouver Sun Run training program. Over 45,000 people run in the Sun Run every year and a specific training schedule has been created to help the thousands who train for the run every year. Because we have not run regularly for a year, we start with the walk/run program. In this system, you start by walking a lot and running a little. Each week you reduce the amount of walking and increase the amount of running. We are now spending three quarters of our training sessions running. It gives us a chance to visit as we see more and more of the coastline in Monastir, before returning to the boat to start school.

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