David's Diary: Monday, January 6, 2003

School Starts in Monastir

Kevin in his new school room

We have had a nice two-week break in Monastir, Tunisia, but school continues today with our first day of school in 2003. This school year, Karalee and I have been alternating being teacher. One of us teaches for a week and then the other takes over for the next one. This has freed up more time for Karalee and me to pursue personal projects, but Kevin has had difficulty staying productive. Kevin now joins the off-watch teacher in the apartment, either for the morning or for the entire day. While still spending most of his time working independently, he now can get instant feedback when he needs assistance. We expect that this should do a lot for his school performance.

Allen's Sailboat
Allen's Sailboat

As part of Allen's school day he made a sailboat for his special project. He tests the sailboat in the galley sink. We often take pictures of Allen doing his special projects and then send these pictures in to his teacher. Many of the projects are too big to mail back to Canada and the pictures show his teacher what Allen is like in action.

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