David's Diary: Monday, June 3, 2002

Calvi, Corsica


We are up at 8:00, but have no trouble making the short trip to Calvi. We pass by the Citadel guarding the entrance to the harbour. Built in 1268 the Citadel let Calvi be under the protection of Genoa. Calvi fell to the English in 1794. Nelson didn't try and attack from the sea, but instead landed troops and artillery on the Revellata peninsula, where we were at anchor last night, and from there attacked overland. It was Calvi where Nelson lost his right eye when splinters of stone from a shell wounded him.

Calvi Harbour

We arrive at Calvi Harbour at 09:00 and tie up on the breakwater (to the left in the picture above). We rush around trying to arrange for our generator to get fixed while also getting a morning of school completed. Allen may be finished school, but Jocelyn and Kevin still have a bit to go and we are determined to see the end of the 2001/2002 school year here in Calvi.

After lunch Karalee and I need a nap, so we take a break for an hour. When we awaken we find a post-it note stuck to our cabin door. Jocelyn, Kevin, and Allen are out exploring Calvi. They return shortly and tell us how they climbed the stairs to the Citadel, explored the walls and streets, and spent a half-hour in the Église St-Jean Baptiste. Karalee marvel at the children's confidence and wonder how many Canadian twelve, ten, and six-year olds would go exploring a new town in a country where they speak a different language. The trip is certainly changing expectations -- for the children and the parents.

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