David's Diary: Sunday, June 2, 2002

Corsica: Baie de Crovani to Baie de la Revellata

Pta la Revellata
Pta la Revellata

Because of our early start and long day yesterday, we do not have to rush off to make it to Calvi today. We do some more exploring ashore, but we mostly find a trailer park which isn't too busy this early in the season. In summer we're sure that both the bay and the trailer park will be packed. We have lunch, pack up Dragonsinger, and then head north once again. We sail a bit and watch flocks of birds on the water. We suddenly realize that the birds must be feeding around a pod of whales or dolphins that are gathering together a school of fish, but we don't actually see them.

Calvi at Dusk

Only one or two miles from Calvi is the Gulf de Revellata. Since it is still calm, we decide to spend another night at anchor. Jocelyn, Karalee, and Allen go for a walk to the Pta la Revellata lighthouse that we passed an hour before. After they come back Jocelyn, Kevin, and Allen go swimming. Jocelyn checks out the anchor and discovers that we are hooked on a rock. The clear Mediterranean Sea offers some advantages over the murky waters of Western Canada -- we can actually see our anchor. We pull up and reset in sand. As dusk approaches we eat in the cockpit and look over the bay to see the citadel of Calvi looking down over the water.

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