David's Diary: Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Our Marina Apartment in Monastir, Tunisia

Apartment Views
View from our apartment

There are a number of personal projects that Karalee and I want to pursue while we are here in Monastir, Tunisia. We have discovered that it is almost impossible to get these projects done onboard Dragonsinger when school is in session. There is not enough space, there are two many interruptions, and we really need a place where we can spread things out and they will stay that way.

Inside our apartment

For the next few months we have rented an apartment right next to the marina. The water in the bath is tepid, the television's horizontal hold doesn't work too well, but there is lots of space and the apartment is located in a quiet part of the marina. We will use the apartment as an adult-only place where we can get off the boat, spread out, get a lot done, and have a second home to escape to when needed. And we're sure that we will allow the children in from time to time, if only to watch cartoon shows in German.

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