David's Diary: Sunday, August 4, 2002

Lovice, Brac, Croatia

Willy Flippit and Arbella

After two days apart the four sailboats, Willy Flippit, Arbella, Onskan, and Dragonsinger joined up again on the island of Brac, Croatia. We had barely tied up Dragonsinger when we all dove in the water to cool off. Hot days mean that we like to cool off with an afternoon swim, but the lure of other kid boats helped get us all into the sea quicker than ever.

Kids Walk

We decided on a walk to explore the back roads of Brac. It was a motly group of ten kids and six adults that headed off down the dusty road. It is still incredible to see how quickly these boating children play together. We stop for a drink of water and everyone scrambles to be first with the water bottle.

Best Buddies

Five days ago, Kit, Allen, and Clay had never met. Now they play together like they have known each other all of their lives. Cruising on a sailboat allows children the freedom to be independent and make up their own minds about things. Bonds are quickly formed with other cruising children because they have the confidence to believe in themselves.

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