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February 20, 2004: Vancouver, Canada

Allen, Kevin, and Jocelyn

Our busy life continues. Many people ask us how the children have fit back in with their friends and school. All three fit right back in with their peers. Academically Jocelyn, Kevin, and Allen are not having any more or less difficulty than their peers in the same grade. Our two years of home schooling appear to have been successful for all three of our children. Besides school, all three are active in sports, each is playing a musical instrument, and skiing at Whistler.

Karalee and I have been doing a lot of planning. We spent the fall investigating various options for Dragonsinger. We have decided to bring her back to Canada and put her in charter with Cooper Boating. We expect Dragonsinger to be in Vancouver around June 23-24, 2004.


Yat Lift, Turkey
Yat Lift, Turkey

We are shipping Dragonsinger on a special Dockwise Transport vessel. The Dockwise shipping schedule requires that Dragonsinger be in Palma de Mallorca, Balearics, Spain by May 12, 2004. Dragonsinger is currently in Bodrum, Turkey. In mid-April, David and a volunteer crew of Marian Leighton, Bruce White, and John Ridsdel will take Dragonsinger the 1,100 nautical miles (2,000 kilometres) from Bodrum to Palma.

David's Diary

Cave of the Nymphs, Ithaca, Greece

It has taken David much longer than he expected to update his diary for last summer. One reason for this is that from May to August, 2003, we did much more and visited many more places than in any other four-month period of our two-year adventure. David has documented the places we went and the people we met. He also gives some insight into how it felt to finish our two years in the Mediterranean and return to Canada.

Travel Pictures

Tour Boat
Tour Boat, Dalyan River, Turkey

We posted most of our pictures from the summer in our previous update, but we have added some more from our time in Turkey. There are also numerous pictures in David's diary.

Sailing Pictures

Valletta, Malta
Sailing Off Valletta, Malta

Living on a sailboat for two years was a fascinating experience. To try and capture some of the excitement of our adventure, we have gathered together over a hundred photographs of us on passage and at anchor. Some of these have been published before, but many are new and this is the first time that the whole trip has been gathered together into one photographic package.

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