David's Diary: Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

After arriving in Cagliari a huge low started to build in the Gulf of Genoa. At one point, a frontal system extended out of the low, across Corsica, and along North Africa all the way to Gibraltar (about 1,500 kilometres). We were stuck in Cagliari waiting for the weather to change. We explored Cagliari, took in the sites, and enjoyed the shopping.

New Italian salad bowl for Dragonsinger

Dragonsinger in Cagliari

Another dinner with local Sardinian wine

The rain kept coming

Memento from the Turkish crew members who visited Dragonsinger

The war ships left and a big tug boat moved in

Archway in Cagliari

Park next to old fortified town walls

Beautiful colours and shutters

More colourful buildings

Chiesa di San Michel

Entrance to San Michel

Colourful costumes on the riders

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