David's Diary: Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Vancouver, Canada to Bodrum, Turkey

I took 24 hours to travel from Vancouver, Canada to Bodrum, Turkey passing through Montreal, London, and Istanbul along the way. After settling into a hotel in Bodrum, I spent a few days preparing Dragonsinger before she was lowered back into the Mediterranean Sea.

Leaving Canada

I left Montreal for London around 7:00 PM Montreal time and arrived in London just after dawn. I had to try and stay awake for five hours in Heathrow while I waited for my flight to Istanbul. In Istanbul, I had another couple of hours to wait before I could take the last fifty minute segment to Bodrum.

Leaving Istanbul

I arrived after dark in Bodrum. I was met by a person from my hotel. We unloaded my three huge bags in to the back of the hotel van and forty-five minutes later we stopped next to the hotel just outside the entrance to the marina in Bodrum. It was a long trip, but I was happy to finally be close to Dragonsinger.

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