David's Diary: Wednesday, January 2, 2002

School Starts

All Smiles
All Smiles

After a long three-week break school starts up again today. Kevin is all smiles as he begins his work, but we know this won't last for long. Keeping the children motivated and moving forward is a big challenge.

Attitudes and interests vary daily. It is not uncommon to have one child keen, interested, and performing well on a given day while at the same day another child is refusing to do any school work. As both parent and teacher it can be exasperating to go through the daily mood swings, but this is tempered with the knowledge that we get to learn as much as the children. And in our travels we know that the children will be learning much from their real world experiences.

As for today, Kevin's smile is misleading. He mopes around the the whole day and gets nothing accoomplished. As his teacher, I suspect it is going to be a long term.

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