Pula, Croatia

The Romans put Pula on the map when they arrived in 177 BC. The well preserved amphitheatre demonstrates the Roman's ability to construct large public spaces and make them last. The amphitheatre is the sixth largest in the world and can hold 22,000 people. The amphitheatre was built in the 1BC, but the population of Pula at the time was only around 5,000. No one has ever explained why such a large amphitheatre was built for such a small population.

Approaching Pula
Approaching Pula

Pula from the Harbour
Pula from the Harbour

Roman Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre Seats
Roman Amphitheatre Seats

Amphitheatre Walls
Roman Amphitheatre Walls

Roman Theatre

Pula Harbour

Roman Mosaic


View of Amphitheatre
View of Amphitheatre from the Fortress

Arch of the Sergians

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