Monastir, Tunisia - Part I

We lived in Monastir, Tunisia for over five months. After living in a place it is difficult to capture all of the things that you have seen and done. Bourguiba was the first president of an independent Tunisia and Monastir was his home. One of the things that dominate the Monastir skyline is the Bourguiba Mausoleum. Monastir is a popular tourist destination and parts of the original Media walls are well preserved.

Main Beach

Bourguiba Mosque

Medina Street
Medina Street

Sheep's Heads
Sheep's Heads in the market

Traditional Dress
Women wearing traditional dress

Fish for sale at the market

Stop Sign
Stop Sign in Arabic

Marabout in front of Bourguiba Mausoleum

Bourguiba Mausoleum
Bourguiba Mausoleum

Detail Inside the Mausoleum

Graveyard and Ribat

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