Malta - Part II

While in Malta we rented a car and set off to explore Mosta, Mdina, and Hagar Qim. Mosta is within a half-hour drive of Valletta and has a church with a spectacular dome. During WW II the church dome was pierced by a bomb, but thankfully the bomb did not go off as their were 300 parishioners inside at the time.

Mdina is a hill-top fortified town that has been a center of defence in Malta for more than a thousand years. Hagar Qim (adge-ar eem) is a megalithic temple located on the South coast of Malta that predates Stonehenge in England.


Mosta Dome
Mosta Parish Church of St Mary (Mosta Dome)

Mosta Dome
Mosta Dome

Church Altar

WW II Bomb
WW II Bomb that struck the Mosta Dome


Main Gate
Mdina Main Gate

St. Paul's Cathedral
St. Paul's Cathedral

Altar of St. Paul's Cathedral

Views from Mdina

Hagar Qim

Stones of Hagar Qim

Internal Window

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