Sailing the Mediterranean - Part III

After leaving the Italian island of Elba, we made our way to the mainland of Italy, then worked our way down the western coast. From Lipari, North of Sicily, we did a three-day passage around the boot of Italy and up the Adriatic to Dubrovnik, Croatia. During the final night of our passage we had to avoid a huge thunderstorm. The remnants of the storm were still visible after daybreak.

Porto Ercole
Porto Ercole, Italy

On Passage
Kevin and Allen near Capri, Italy

Kevin Goes Up the Mast

Allen Having Fun

Straight of Messina
Straight of Messina, Italy

Freighter Near Straight of Messina, Italy

South of Italy
South of Italy

Allen Asleep South of Italy

On Passage
Karalee and Allen Relax on Passage, Italy

Sailing, Adriatic

Jocelyn Sailing, Adriatic

Spotting Dolphins, Adriatic

Thunderstorm, Adriatic

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