Kevin's Diary: Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Walk To Banyuls-sur-Mer, France

Beach Beside Marina
Beach Beside Marina (photo by David Greer)

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Right now were in Port Vendres, a small town in France near the Spanish border. We were waiting for a package to arrive with our papers and new heater coverings. We went for a walk on Wensday, over to the next town, Banys-Sur-Mer. We wanted to go to the beach, so we walked down to it. When we got there we where dissapointed because there was a wall blocking us from going. Then Jocelyn said, "Dad there's a walking path over there."

There was but it was in the wrong direction. "We want to go up there." said Dad pointing up a hill. The town was in that direction, and we wanted to go up to the town. So we went up some stairs and walked to the town. We were looking for the Aquarium that was in Dad's guide book. When we where walking we saw Tourist Information. I don't no why, but they were closed. We walked around the bulding and Dad saw a map on the window. It wasn't a map with names and detail but Dad said "I think that is where the Aquarium is."

He was pointing to the Marina side of the town. So we walked over to the Aquarium and went inside. We bought tickets and entered. It was a small Aquarium compared to some we've been to. We looked arround the tanks and saw some cool fish and marine life. One thing that was really neat to me was a polkadotted sea-urchin. Then we walked out and down to the Marina.

It was cold outside so we stopped for a drink at a cafe. I had a hot chocolate and Mom and Dad had a milk coffee. When we went to pay we asked the bar tender to call a taxi. We got one to come. We waited five or ten minutes and we rode home in 20 minutes which sure beat walking!

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