David's Diary: Monday, March 3, 2003

Bobbie Leaves Tunisia

Karalee and Bobbie
Karalee and Bobbie

It is hard to believe that Bobbie arrived in Monastir, Tunisia four weeks ago. She arrived with her daughter Brandy, who stayed for two weeks. In her time here, Bobbie has gone to the desert, visited the salt lake in the south, seen El Jem, Tunis, Kairouan, and of course Monastir.

About a year ago, Bobbie arrived in Palma, Mallorca in the Balearic Islands to spend three weeks with us. As the only person to visit us during our two-year adventure, she stands out. By visiting us twice and to a country as different as Tunisia shows just how deep the friendship between Karalee and Bobbie is.

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