David's Diary: Saturday, June 30, 2001

London, England

Our flight was an hour late leaving Vancouver, the captain made up much of that time on-route, but when we arrived in London there was a fifteen minute air traffic delay followed by another fifteen minute delay on the ground as we waited for a gate. Fortunately, we were not concerned about our arrival time, as we didn't have a flight to meet. We did hope that our driver checked the arrival board and waited for us.

Baggage, bathrooms, cash and we were ready to go. Kim, our driver met us and in an hour we were at our apartment in London. We had booked the apartment through A Place Like Home which offered a number of apartments for rent. Our apartment was in Knightsbridge, not far from Harrods department store. Our apartment is located in Rutland Place, which features an elegant garden isolated from the noise of the nearby busy streets.

Rutland Place
Rutland Place

We settled in and everyone had a nap. Then it was time to head out for a walk and dinner. After dinner, we walked up Brompton Road, then along Piccadilly until we reached Piccadilly Circus. Kevin expected a "circus" and was somewhat disappointed that all that he saw was an obscure statue and a lot of flashing lights. But it was a good introduction to London.

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