David's Diary: Thursday, August 31, 2001

Bowling After School

Allen Throws A Winner
Allen Throws A Winner

Day three of school goes well, but we are reminded of several things. It is now two months since we left Vancouver, but it only feels like a few weeks. When traveling with the children, we always want to see and do more than is feasible. And while school is taking just more than half a day, both teachers and students need a break before doing other things.

We sometimes feel that we should try and rush off and see more of The Netherlands, but we have to remember that our evening ride last night will likely do more to endure The Netherlands to both us and our children then rushing around to see another old city. After a rest this afternoon we decided to do something completely different -- we went bowling in Oisterwijk. The bowling alley was less than a kilometer from where we are staying.

When we first arrived we were the only ones playing, but soon an enthusiastic group of school children arrived for a birthday party. We bowled a couple of games of ten pin with the score ranging wildly with each throw. It didn't really matter who won or loss; we were just having a good time as a family.

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