Saturday, August 28, 2021

Kevin and Carley's Wedding

The day of Kevin and Carley's wedding dawned clear and bright as several of us had breakfast outside the Coast Oliver Hotel. It was a beautiful August summer morning, portending a perfect day. The bridal party, along with the moms of the bride and groom, had a special morning booked for hair, makeup, and getting ready. A few things were forgotten, so David ran them up to the holiday home on the grounds of Covert Farms where the bridal party was getting ready.

David was invited to get dressed with the groom's party. They all got dressed in Kevin and Carley's room. By 10:00 am, David, Kevin, Gera Stancheva, and Allen Greer with help from Matt Tremblay (husband of maid of honor Rachel Tremblay) were together. It was a relaxed time as we hung out and fussed over each other. Kevin's favourite snack is a banana slathered with peanut butter. Carley's gift to Kevin was an engraved spoon along with a banana and peanut butter to celebrate.

Karalee and David drove David's Mom Diana Greer and his cousin Dianne Gillespie to Covert Farms. We all boarded the Big Red Truck to take the ride out to the vineyards where the wedding venue was located. Before long all the wedding attendees were seated and ready for the wedding to start.

The wind blew lightly under a blue sky, keeping us from getting too hot, as the sun shone down. We honored Kevin and Carley's request to put our cameras away during the wedding ceremony. We listened carefully as Kevin and then Carley read their highly personal vows to each other. Then it was time for the traditional kiss, which they did in style, before signing all of the necessary paperwork to complete the wedding.

In what seemed like a blink, Carley Bodrug became Carley Greer, and Carley and Kevin were married. We all headed down the aisle where drinks were waiting for us. The cameras came out as we celebrated the newlyweds.

It took a couple of trips in the Big Red Truck to take us all back to the reception area at Covert Farms. We were greeted by a sign, signature table, and a special table of photographs of family members no longer with us who would have been at the wedding if they were still with us.

The reception started with a wine tasting and charcuterie plate. Then it was time for us all to be seated. A delicious multi-course dinner was served. Then it was time for speeches, including one from David and Karalee and one from Carley's Mom Sandy Featherby. There were more speeches and then it was time for Carley and Kevin to give us their speech as a newlywed couple.

Their friend Hatim Hanafi had prepared a special wedding song which he sang to Kevin and Carley from the bandstand as they watched from the dance floor. Then it was time for the first dance, before the rest of us joined in dancing past midnight. The sky slowly turned from blue to purple to black as the stars came out shining over a perfect wedding. What a great way for Kevin and Carley to start off their married life together.


Carley and Kevin's vidographyer produced an amazing video of the wedding day that captures the beauty and emotion of the moment.


Enjoying Breakfast Outside the Coast Hotel Oliver

Location of the Bridal Party Dressing

Pool Outside the Dressing Building

Morning Looking Over the Valley from Covert Farms Family Estate

David Greer and Carley Bodrug First Thing in the Morning

Gera Stancheva Helping Allen Greer

Kevin Greer Happy on His Wedding Day

Gera Laying Out Everything for Getting Dressed

Matt Tremblay and Allen Getting Dressed for the Wedding

Kevin Greer's Favourite Snack is Peanut Butter on a Banana

Carley Gifted Kevin an Engraved Spoon for Peanut Butter and Banana

Matt Tremblay Helping Kevin Get Dressed

Beautifully Engraved K/C Suspenders for the Wedding

Gera Stancheva Ready for the Wedding

Kevin Greer and His Grooms: Gera Stancheva and Allen Greer

David, Kevin, and Allen Greer

David, Gera, Kevin, Allen, and Matt

Arriving at the Wedding
Left: Alex, Natasha, Wendy, and Stewart Wilson
Right: Allen Greer with Flowers and Karalee Greer

On the Big Red Truck

Visiting on the Trip to the Wedding Venue

David Thrilled that Kevin and Carley are Getting Married

Kevin's Gran Diana Greer Gives Him a Big Hug

Karalee Hugs Kevin with Allen Watching

Ready for the Wedding on a Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Groom's Side of the Wedding Seating

Gathering After the Wedding

Carley Greer, Karalee Greer, Diana Greer

Kevin and Carley Greer Are Now Married

Kevin Greer, Natasha, Alex, Wendy, and Stew Wilson, and Carley Greer

Another View Showing the Beautiful Train of Carley's Dress

Dianne Gillespie and Diana Greer

Welcome Sign at the Wedding Reception

An Instant Camera and Cards Were Used to Record Thoughts for the Newlyweds

Photos of Family Members No Longer with Us, but In Our Thoughts at the Wedding

Left: Jim Craig, Kevin's Grandfather
Right: Jim Greer, Kevin's Papa

Beautiful Table Decorations

Every Plate Adorned with a Welcome Card

Custom Made Cookies by Sophia Wong (Sugar Cookies and Confections)

David Greer and His Mom Diana Greer So Happy to be Together

Lisa Gailing with Carley and Kevin Greer Enjoying Drinks Before the Reception

Allen Greer, Matt Tremblay, and Rachel Tremblay Enjoy the Wine Tasting and Appetizers

The Wedding Party Having Fun on the Giant Jumping Ball

Live Music Before the Reception

Maid of Honor Rachel Tremblay Smiling at the Head Table

Diana Greer Watching Everyone Enjoy the Wedding

Benita Yi and Karalee Greer

Wendy Riches, Alex Wilson, Wendy Tremblay, and Benita Yi Visit

Kaleb Wallace, Sophia Wong, Daniel Cintora Guerrero, and Jocelyn Greer

Enjoying the Wedding Dinner

Last of the Sunlight Over the Mountains

Wedding Cake Made by Sophia Wong (Sugar Cookies and Confections)

Beautiful Fruit Crumbles Individually Made for Dessert

Closeup of the Fruit Crumbles

Carley and Kevin with Kevin's Gran Diana Greer

Benita Yi and Allen Greer with Allen's Gran Diana Greer

The Head Table Looks on as the Speeches Start

Kevin and Carley Get Ready to Speak to Us All

Music, A Dance Floor, Friends, and Family Enjoying the Reception as the Sky Slowly Darkens

More Music After Dinner

Kevin and Carley Listen and Watch as Their Friend Hatim Hanafi Sings to Them

Karalee Visiting with the Wilson Family

Karalee and David Enjoying Their Son's Wedding

Kevin and Carley with Their First Dance

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