July 2004: Gulf Islands Cruise - Part II

Plumber Cove to Salt Spring Island via Silva Bay

On Passage
Allen contemplates on Georgia Straight

We left Plumber Cove to cross Georgia Straight. It was a calm day, so we ended up motoring the twenty nautical miles. Our Raytheon Autohelm has not been working correctly. While crossing the straight we made a series of observations of compass, autohelm, and GPS directions. We just hope that we will be able to get the Autohelm fixed before Dragonsinger is out on her first charter.

Our destination was the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island was our destination. We spent the night at the Nanaimo Yacht Club, located between Nanaimo and Newcastle Island. We went for a walk, did some shopping, and had dinner. Afterwards, Karalee and I went for a waterfront walk and sat next to the marina having a coffee.

From Nanaimo we headed South to Silva Bay, a popular anchorage. We enjoyed Tugboat Island, before heading further South. We went through Gabriola Passage on slack tide where we told Jocelyn, Kevin, and Allen of previous adventures in the Passage when our engine failed and we had to be towed through the tide.

Our goal was Scott Point in Long Harbour in Trincomali Channel. We motored down Trincomali Channel. David spotted a boat that looked like a Catalina 34. Looking through the binoculars, we realized that it was White Dragon, our previous sailboat. It was exciting to see her again for the first time in three years.

Nanaimo Yacht Club
Nanaimo Yacht Club

Channel between Nanaimo and Newcastle Island

Karalee out for an evening stroll

Gulf Islands
Sailing for the Gulf Islands

Kevin enjoying a summer day

Silva Bay
Moored in Silva Bay

Jocelyn tries windsurfing again

Dragonsinger and Tugboat Island

Jocelyn helming

Karalee and Allen
Karalee and Allen on passage

Gabriola Passage
Entering Gabriola Passage

White Dragon
White Dragon

White Dragon is our previous sailboat. A Catalina 34, we sold it before leaving on our two-year Mediterranean adventure. As we were motoring down Trincomali Channel, we happened to look over and there was White Dragon. We motored over and had a quick visit with the new owners. We were pleased to see that she looked well looked after. We had White Dragon for ten years and it will always have a special place in our lives.

Scott Point
Allen Enjoys the Pool at Scott Point

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