July, 2004: Gulf Island Cruise - Part I

Vancouver to Howe Sound

Yacht Club
Dragonsinger at our Yacht Club in Vancouver, BC

In July, 2004, Dragonsinger arrived in Vancouver from Palma de Mallorca in the Mediterranean. There were a number of systems that needed to be tested and repaired before Dragonsinger could start going on Charter with Cooper Boating. We spent time with the family onboard verifying that all boat systems worked and repairing those that didn't.

Along the way, we were able to visit some of our favourite destinations and anchorages. We started from the Jericho marina of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and headed up Howe Sound to Silva Bay. After spending the weekend there we traveled to Plumber Cove on Keats Island, a British Columbia Marine Park. It was fun to have the whole family back onboard the boat we lived on for two years.

Crossing English Bay
Crossing English Bay

Karalee happy to be away

World Away
Half A World of Travel

Our Raytheon charter plotter has a log feature that keeps track of our latitude and longitude every half-hour. If you look really closely at the picture you will see that the plotter tracks the change in location from Palma de Mallorca, Spain to Vancouver, BC (look above and below the dashed line):

  • Palma de Mallorca:
    • 39 33.884'N
    • 02 38.086'E
  • Vancouver:
    • 49 17.198'N
    • 123 05.189W

Allen in a familiar spot

Centre Bay
Tied up in Centre Bay, Gambier Island

Within minutes the boys were out fishing

Sunset looking towards Bowen Island

Jocelyn turns fifteen

Jocelyn tries out our windsurfer for the first time

Sailing in Howe Sound

Two happy boys in their dinghy

Plumber Cove
Moored in Plumber Cove, Keats Island

Marine Park
Plumber Cove Marine Park

Three kids and a windsurfer

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