Cotswolds Day Two: Our Walk Leader

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Kerry and Meg

On a Wayfarers walk, you have both a tour leader and a tour manager. The tour leader, like Kerry Woodrow above, leads you in walking each day. The tour manager, Sue Woodrow on our walk, was responsible for looking after all of the logistical details, including moving our luggage from hotel to hotel each day.

Bourton House

Bourton House is located in the quiet Cotswolds town of Bourton On-The-Hill. As you walk through the town, you are as likely to see farmers moving their sheep along the road as you are to see cars.

Gardens in the Cotswolds are similar to gardens where we live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The climate in England and Vancouver is similar and many people from England have emigrated to this area, bringing their gardening experience to their new home.

We really enjoyed a little bit of time off to just sit in the gardens at Bourton House. We even got a chance to talk to the gardener and find out just how many of the plants must be moved inside during the winter (we were visiting in late September). It is a lot of work to keep a garden like Bourton House, but the results are worth seeing.

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