Walking Tour of the North Arm of the Fraser River


Start of Walk
Start of Walk

In the southern part of Vancouver, is a wonderful walk. This walk is easy to get to and provides varied views of the last wild salmon stream in Vancouver and views of the North Arm of the Fraser River. The walk is flat and covers approximately two miles (3.5 km).

We did this walk on a bright New Year's Day. The views are typical of Vancouver in the winter, with pale sunshine showing through the trees. Parts of the trail are muddy, but with sturdy hiking boots it is easy to navigate this walk, even in rainy Vancouver.

The Fraser River travels more than a thousand miles into the interior of British Columbia. It is one of the major Salmon spawning streams in BC. Near Vancouver, the river splits into the south and north arms. This walk follows the North Arm of the river as it passes close by Vancouver. In the early days of this province, the river was a major source of transportation. Today, it continues to be a major source of transportation, carrying everything from cars from Japan to logs from the West Coast rain forest.

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