Douglas Family Visit at Ghost Lake

Saturday, September 4, 2021

Karalee and David were invited to the home of Judy and Peter Ireland on Ghost Lake to celebrate Jennifer Lee's 75th birthday. Judy and Jennifer are the younger sisters of David's birth father Peter C. Douglas. This was the second time David and Karalee visited Ghost Lake. They were as spoiled as the first time in being looked after and in having the Alberta weather turn in a picture perfect sunny day. It was fabulous to continue to get to know the extended families of Jennifer and Judy, spending time hanging out and visiting.

l-r: David, Keith Espetveidt, Karalee, Doreen Espetveidt, Avery, Cole, and Kristy Ireland
Jason Espetveidt, Nancy Lee, Emma, Jennifer Lee, Peter and Judy Ireland, and Steve

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer's Friend Steve

Emma Captivating Nancy, Jason, and Kristy

Nancy Lee and David

David with Jennifer Lee WHile Being Photo Bombed by Nancy

Emma, Avery, and Cole Helping Aunty Jennifer Celebrate Her Birthday

Jason, Keith, and Doreen Watching the Action

Jennier and Steve

Nancy, Judy, and Kristy

Nancy, Judy, Emma, Kristy, Avery, and Cole

Karalee and Jennifer Appreciate the Beauty of Ghost Lake as They Walk Our Dogs

The Stillness of Ghost Lake on a Beautiful September Evening

A Lone Sailboat on Ghost Lake

Evening Light Reflected Off the Hull of A Sailboat

The Evening Sun Lighting Peter and Judy's Boat

Shoreline at Ghost Lake

Lake, Clouds, and Sky Make for a Beautiful Summer Evening

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