A Family Day in Whistler

Saturday, October 31, 2020

To celebrate Halloween, David, Karalee, Jocelyn, Daniel, Diego, puppy Mimosa, Allen, and Benita spent the weekend up at Whistler. The weather was mild and sunny. It was fun to take eighteen-month old Diego and four-month old Mimosa for a walk to the playground in Whistler's Village North.

Diego and Benita

Daniel and Jocelyn's Ford F350

The Ford F350 Looks Perfect for Whistler

Going for a walk with Jocelyn and Diego and Karalee and Benita

Olympic Plaza Leading to the Village North Playground in Whistler

Benita and Jocelyn All Smiles as Diego Finishes His Banana

Hanging Around the Playground (Jocelyn, Diego, Benita, Karalee, and Puppy Mimosa)

Jocelyn and Diego Play

Diego Having a Laugh with Mom and Dad

Jocelyn Holds Diego Ready for the Slide

Let's Go Down the Slide

Benita, Karalee, and Mimosa

Karalee Loves Playing With Mimosa

Diego With More Smiles

Diego Figuring Out How to Get Out

Now Turn Around

Slide Along the Bench

And Get Ready to Put Your Feet Down

Diego Giving David the Eye

Slides are Made for Diego

Jocelyn and Benita Watch Diego Play

Examining the Leaf

Where Did It Go?

Let's Put the Leaf in the Drain

Whistler Olympic Park with Blackcomb in the Background

Karalee, Mimosa, Benita, and Jocelyn

Totem Pole by the Playground (originally raised as part of the 2020 Olympics)

Diego Figuring Out His Next Move

Let's Go for a Walk

Keep Going

Mom is Dressing the Tiger

Grandson Diego is a Tiger on a Mission

Do Tigers Read Books and Drink Milk?

Allen and Benita at Dinner

Allen Suggested Back to Back Stand Ups. Benita went first.

Allen and Daniel Do a Stand Up

Karalee's Turn While Our Dog Meeka Looks On

Karalee Thrilled She Made It

Getting the Fireworks Ready

Benita and Allen Shoot Off Roman Candles

Jocelyn and Daniel's Turn with Roman Candles

Fun Fireworks on a Beautiful Halloween Evening

Jocelyn, Daniel, Benita, and Allen Line Up and Shoot Roman Candles

One More Firework for Halloween 2020

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