Jim Greer Turns 90

April 26, 2014

Jim Greer turned ninety on April 24, 2014. In honor of his birthday, the family gathered at the Mayfair Golf Club in Edmonton to celebrate. During dinner, Diana remarked at how amazing it is that she and Jim started with just the two of them and how now she looks out with pride at all the people who were there to celebrate Papa's 90th birthday. Jim's children David Greer, Jane Dinneen, and John Greer were there, along with their spouses (Karalee Greer, Pat Dinneen, and Marjorie Bakewell) and all the grandchildren except for David's sons Kevin and Allen, who were still finishing their term at UBC. John and Marjorie flew their son Justin in from Portland as a surprise for the party. Jim's nieces Dianne Gillespie and Lesley Clarke were also there. Sixteen of us gathered together for an hour before sitting down to a three course dinner of Caesar Salad, Roast Beef, and Carrot Cake.

After a long, productive, and fulfilling life our Dad Jim Greer passed away on March 28, 2018. We all miss him. Here are two tributes to Jim where you can read more:

Diana and Jim

Pat, Diana, Jim, and Jane

David, Diana, Jim, and Karalee

John, Jane, Jim, and David

Justin, Jim, and Taylor

Paige, Jim, and Meaghan

Jocelyn, Jim, and Daniel

Dianne, Jim, and Lesley

Daniel, Jocelyn, and Dianne

Pat Dinneen


Dad and John Shake Hands

Dianne, Daniel, and Jocelyn

Paige, Daniel, and Jane

Taylor, Karalee, John, and Diana

Justin, Dianne, Jim, and Lesley

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