Cintora Family Visits Vancouver

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jocelyn and Daniel have been dating for several years and living together for two years since Daniel came to Vancouver from his home city of Querétaro, Mexico. Today, Daniel's Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother-in-Law, the Cintora family, arrived from Mexico. They are spending the next fifteen days in Vancouver, visiting and exploring. Jocelyn, Daniel, Karalee, and David had planned a few weeks before to take the two families to the Dockside Restaurant at the Granville Island Hotel. This was the first time that Jocelyn's and Daniel's families ever met. With help from the younger people, conversations happened in Spanish and English.

It was a beautiful day and equally beautiful evening. We sat down at 8:00 pm. While we ate dinner the sun set, and lights came on, as the sky turned from blue to dark. We ended our three-hour dinner with a celebration for Jocelyn's birthday, which was July 11th.

Kevin, Rosa, Karalee, and Allen

Maria, Montse, and Carlos

Daniel, Gilberto, and Maria

False Creek on a Beautiful Summer Evening

(left) Kevin, Rosa, Karalee, Allen, Jocelyn, and David
(right) Daniel, Gilberto, Maria, Montse, and Carlos

Jocelyn With a Sparker for Her Birthday

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