Britannia 2012/2013 Sports Awards

June 4, 2013

For the last ten years, David and Karalee have attended the annual Britannia Sports Awards Ceremony This year was the last time as our youngest Allen is graduating this year from Britannia.

Britannia encourages all students to participate in organized sports. Every student who participates in an organized sport is given three points. Students win an additional point if they or their team makes it to the City Championships, makes it to Provincial Championships, or wins the Provincial Championships. A series of awards are given based on your multiple year accumulation of points.

A number of awards were given out before dinner, but none to Allen. It turned out that the big awards were being saved for after dinner. Big Block Sports Awards are the fourth award that can be won and require so many points that students generally cannot earn enough points until they are in Grade 11 or Grade 12.

After dinner, Allen won his Big Block award. His girl friend Naomi, who is in Grade 11, also won her Big Block award. Allen also won the Senior Male Athlete of the Year Award. This marked the third time that a Greer won the senior award. Jocelyn won it in 2007. Kevin won it in 2009. Allen won it in 2013. Jocelyn and Kevin also both earned Big Block awards.

It was special for Karalee and David to see all three of our children put in the tremendous effort to win both the Big Block Award and to be chosen as the Senior Athlete of the Year. We appreciated seeing all the students win awards, but to be there every year as Jocelyn, Kevin, and now Allen won the Athlete of the Year Award was amazing.

Allen and A Friend Before Dinner

All the Winners of Big Block Awards

Allen—The 2013 Britannia Bruins Senior Male Athlete of the Year

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