Allen Graduates from IB and Britannia

June 11, 2013

Allen was our third child to graduate with an IB diploma from Britannia Secondary High School. David, Karalee, Barb, Diana, Jocelyn, Daniel, and Kevin all attended the ceremony, which was held in the main gym at Brit. After thousands of hours of the Greer family being in the gym for sports, it was great to see it all decorated for graduation. David's Dad Jim (Papa) took part in many of Allen's graduation ceremonies, but at 89 he wasn't up to spending three hours on a chair in the school gym.

All the students filed in from two doors. Each then went across the stage to get their graduation diploma. Allen won two scholarships. He was one of only fourteen students, out of over one hundred, to win the Academic Shield. The Academic Shield is awarded to students who are on the honor row for twelve of thirteen semesters from Grade 8 to Grade 12. An amazing achievement.

Afterwards, we mingled outside. Kevin drove David's Mom Diana back to her hotel, while the rest of us went downstairs to the cafeteria. There was sandwiches, sushi, cookies, and cake to celebrate the 2013 Britannia graduating class.

Kevin, Daniel, Allen, Karalee, Jocelyn, David, Gran, Grandma

Teachers and Guests Start Arriving for the Graduation Ceremony

Mr. Davies Ready to Help Students Off the Stage

Vice-Principal Andrew Schofield Getting Ready

Kevin, Diana, Barb, and Karalee

Welcoming Drumming from First Nations

All Students Walked Across the Stage After Arriving

Long-time Supporters of our Children Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Boissy

Allen Gets Ready to Walk Across the Stage to Receive His Diploma

Allen Receives His Diploma from Mr. Taylor

Allen Pauses to Enjoy the Moment

Allen Receives His Athletic Scholarship

Allen Receives His Second Scholarship from the School Police Officer

Allen's Girlfriend Naomi Helps Out at the Back

Allen Walks Across the Stage to Receive His Academic Shield

Allen With His Academic Shield

Ms. Winterburn Who Retired After This Year

Bob Fitzpatrick Addresses the Graduating Students

Fabulous Chocolate Cake Celebrating the Evening

Omar, Trevor, Benny, Artem, Allen, and Jasper

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