Photos from Gran and Papa's Basement

November 10, 2012

David visited his Mom and Dad's place in Edmonton where he grew up. All afternoon he went through photos from the basement. These are a small collection of photos from 1961 and 1962 mostly with David, his sister Jane, Gran, and Papa.

Winter Morning on Glenora Crescent

Papa and Jane at Pigeon Lake

David and Gran at 137th Street

David on a Sled in the Snow on 137th Street

Diana Dressed Casually in a Forest

Jane, Gran, and David on the Porch at Pigeon Lake

Jane and Papa Out Front at Pigeon Lake

Peter Pan and Jane Out Back at 137th Street

Jane In Front of 137th Street

Peter Pan and David Building a Fort at Pigeon Lake

David, His First Pair of Skis, Papa, and Peter Pan in the Back Yard of 137th Street

David on his First Pair of Skis

Frieda and William Greer in the Hawaii Newspaper

David on a Sleigh

Diana and Jane (likely at 137th Street)

Jim at a Camera Store (likely McBain's Camera Store)

Living Room at 137th Street

More of the Living Room at 137th Street

Dining Room at 137th Street

Jim and Jane Sledding at 137th Street

Diana at a Lake in the Mountains

Diana at the Cabin at Lake Wabamun

Jim at the Cabin at Lake Wabamun

Diana and Jim Sailing at Lake Wabamun

Diana (location unknown, but likely on a trip)

Bette, Jim, and Billy

Bette, Freida (Mema), and Billy

Diana, Billy, Leslie, Freida (Mema), Bette, and Jim

Diana, Billy, Leslie, Freida (Mema), Bette, and Jim (Part II)

Grandma Chris and Betty

Grandma Chris and Diana

Jim Greer in his Service Uniform

Leslie (vroom, vroom)

Leslie and Dianne

David, Jane, John, and Peter Pan in the Garden at Glenora Crescent

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