Family Holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

March 29, 2011

Puerto Vallarta

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For years and years we have taken a winter break during the children's spring holiday. This year, we decided to try a week long holiday somewhere hot. This trip saw Allen, now in Grade 10, Karalee, David, Jocelyn, and Jocelyn's Mexican boyfriend Daniel travel to a resort in Puerto Vallarta.

It was our first time in Puerto Vallarta and our first time at an all inclusive resort. Day time highs were around 26-27C and a daily breeze off the ocean kept us from feeling too hot. Our first few days saw us staying in the hotel, lying in the sun, while enjoying the hospitality.

There is also a separate Flickr photo set of sights in Puerto Vallarta which you can view here.

Pool Near our Room

Thatch Covered Bar next to the Pool

Allen, Karalee, Jocelyn, and Daniel Enjoying Drinks our First Day

Beach Side at Canto Del Sol

Local Boys Playing on the Beach

Karalee at Lunch

Allen Relaxing

Daniel and Jocelyn Soaking up the Sun

Jocelyn and Daniel Line up for Dinner

David, Karalee, Daniel, Jocelyn, and Allen at Dinner

Allen, Jocelyn, and Daniel Relax in the Lobby After Dinner

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