Grandpa Jim Craig's Memorial Service

Ta Ta Creek, BC

May 10-12, 2009

On May 6, 2009 Jim Craig, father, spouse, grandfather, and friend passed away at his home in Ta Ta Creek, BC. Family and friends came from far and wide to the memorial service which was held in Wasa Hall, Wasa, BC on Tuesday, May 11, 2009. These are a few pictures of our days together celebrating Jim's life.

Lots of snow in the mountains in early May

Kevin Greer Driving to Ta Ta Creek

Jim and Barb's Back Yard

Sharra Peasley

Christopher Peasley

Kevin and Christopher

Lyle Peasley

Christopher Pensive

Lyle Happy

Sam, Wendy, and Kelly

Alissa, Judy, and Murray Craig

Lyle With Patti and Rob Kerr

Christopher Dressed Up

Sharra Teaching Allen Greer How to Ride a Motorbike

Larry Lyseng and Karalee Greer

Flowers from Jim Craig's Memorial Service

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