Allen Turns 14

Saturday, October 11, 2009

With amazing speed another year passes by and Allen is a year older. Allen turned 14 on a beautiful Vancouver day. During the afternoon, David and Allen went out geocaching (an activity where you go out looking for hidden treasure). They visited hidden May Brown park for one cache, then headed across the street to Conaught Park for two more. They then took a break walking on the shore below Point Grey Road enjoying the westerly breeze and views. We ended the day with Jocelyn, Karalee, David, and Allen having a birthday supper before Allen all got to share his DQ cake.

Allen is 14

May Brown Park

Vancouver's West End from the near McDonald Street

Allen Log Walking

Views Across English Bay

Allen Rock Walking

A Beautiful Painted Retaining Wall

Volunteer Park

Margaret Pigott Park


Allen Gets all but One

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