David and Karalee Visit Maggie and Tony in Palma

From May 1-10, 2008, David and Karalee flew via London to Palma de Mallorca, Spain to visit our friends Tony and Maggie on their sailboat Ganymede.

Maggie shopping at the market

Karalee, Maggie, and Tony at the fruit stand

Tony and Karalee at the market

Morning coffee across the street from the market

Maggie and Tony at morning coffee at Marina Bar

Tony, Maggie, and Karalee sitting outside at Marina Bar

Ganymede at Marina de Mallorca

Karalee in the sunshine

Tony and Karalee on the old walls overlooking Real Club Nautico

Maggie and Karalee at Pastry shop near the market

Karalee Sunbathing on Ganymede's deck

David on the sea wall across from Real Club Nautico

Karalee, Tony, and Maggie in the main square of Petra

Tony onboard Ganymede

Karalee after a busy day traveling Mallorca by car

David, Karalee, Tony, and Maggie on our last night together

Our last coffee together at Kahameha Bar Y Cafe

David and Karalee (photo by Tony Watts)

David, Karalee, and Maggie at Real Club Nautico Palma (photo by Tony Watts)

Maggie and Karalee relaxing on Ganymede (photo by Tony Watts)

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