July, 2008: Dragonsinger - Part I

Final Checkout of Dragonsinger

English Bay Sail

Dragonsinger, the sailboat that took us safely through our Mediterranean Adventure has been sold. For the last four year's Dragonsinger has been for charter with Cooper Boating. This year, we came to the conclusion that it was time to sell Dragonsinger. Jocelyn, Kevin, and Allen are all too busy in the summer for us to have opportunities to enjoy her.

In early July, 2008, Dragonsinger was sold. Like all sailboats there were numerous issues to deal with. After the survey and numerous improvements to Dragonsinger, we spent a beautiful Sunday making sure that all critical systems were working.

At noon, we met our friends Stewart, Wendy, Alex, and Natasha on the boat. We had lunch together, before heading out to make sure that all sailing systems were working correctly. There wasn't a lot of wind, but we did make sure that all running rigging and sails were working properly, before turning Dragonsinger over to the new owner.

Karalee in the galley

Alex, Natasha, and Wendy

Stewart and his Blackberry

Kevin and Allen

Stewart and Natasha have lunch

Kevin helms as we head out to English Bay (photo by Wendy Riches)

Alex and Wendy enjoy the ride

Natasha has fun with Stewart

Allen Chills (photo by Wendy Riches)

Kevin, David, and Karalee (photo by Wendy Riches)

Alex gives Natasha a little pretend wine

Alex, Stew, Natasha, and Wendy

Allen, David, Karalee, and Kevin (photo by Wendy Riches)

It was a lovely afternoon. Everyone left, while David stayed on Dragonsinger. Kevin had arranged for some of his friends to come down to Dragonsinger for the evening. Our plan was to head into False Creek to test the anchoring system.

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