Hiking Black Mountain in Cypress Provincial Park

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Karalee, David, and Allen got up early to meet up with Marian Leighton and her friend Jan Rea. Marian is our friend who with Bruce White and David sailed Dragonsinger from Turkey to Spain in 2004.

We drove together to Cypress Mountain part of Cypress Provincial Park. We hiked up Black Mountain, climbing the south side of the mountain with its fabulous views to English Bay and Vancouver. We climbed up to the Black Mountain Bluff which provides more tremendous views up Howe Sound towards Gibson and the Sunshine Coast. We stopped at Cabin Lake for lunch where Marian was the only one of us to brave the cold water and go for a swim. Then it was time to head down, just as most of the visitors were heading up the trail. It was a fantastic way to start a sunny September Sunday.

Allen and Marian

Views to English Bay, Point Grey, UBC, and Georgia Straight

Allen Hikes up Some Rocks

Marian on top of Black Mountain

Karalee and Allen (Sunshine Coast in the background)

Karalee, Marian, Jan, and David

Allen Picked Many Wild Berries

A Black Raven Joined Us for Lunch at Cabin Lake

David and Karalee (photo by Allen Greer)

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