January - June, 2007: Allen, Kevin, and Jocelyn Doing Sports

Jocelyn, Kevin, and Allen are all active in sports. Many of our weeks and weekends are spent traveling to or taking part in sports events. Here are few highlights from the winter and spring of 2007.

Allen's Soccer Team -- The Strikers

The Strikers on a cold January day at the Britannia field

A sunny, but cold January day in North Vancouver

Allen Greer in Stanley Park after the game in North Vancouver

John Oliver Invitational Tournament

Every year John Oliver, a high school in Vancouver, puts on an invitational basketball tournament. In the 2007 edition, Jocelyn's Britannia Secondary Sr. Girls basketball team won the tournament and Jocelyn was voted the Sr. Girls tournament Most Valuable Player.

Mr. Evans coaching during a break in the final game

Britannia Sr. Girls won the JO Invitational Tournament

Jocelyn receiving the MVP award

Britannia Sports Evening

Every year the Britannia coaches host an evening for all participants in organized school sports. Twenty-five percent of Britannia students participate in sports -- the highest percentage of any high school in Vancouver. Both Jocelyn and Kevin won special awards at the 2007 sports evening.

Most Inspirational Awards

Kevin wins the Jr. Boys Athlete of the Year Award and
Celina McCaughran-Contreras wins the Jr. Girls Athlete of the Year Award

Jocelyn wins the Sr. Girls Athlete of the Year Award

Jocelyn and Angela Duong win the Sr. Girls Player of the Year Award

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