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David J. Greer
David J. Greer

David J. Greer is a passive early stage investor in Vancouver, BC. When active, David looked at over one hundred business plans a year, carefully choosing which companies to get involved with. Here he documents the early stage funds and companies that he has invested in and stayed active with.

Early stage investors (often called Angel investors) collectively invest more money into companies than all Venture Capitalists combined. While billions of dollars are being invested into early stage companies, best practices and guidelines for early stage investing are still being developed.

Wind In Your Sails

Wind In Your Sails

In his book Wind In Your Sails: Vital Strategies That Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Growth David covers ways you can finance your business without outside investors, how to position and sell your idea to angel investors, and how to think about exiting your company. You can order Kindle, Audiobook, or Print editions directly from Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.


There are numerous books, white papers, and online resources on early stage investing. Here are some resources David suggests to get you started.


The Western Universities Technology Innovation Fund was created by Mike Volker. Mr. Volker is one of Vancouver's best known early stage investors having spent decades investing, developing, and mentoring young technology companies. Mr. Volker co invests WUTIF funds along with other early stage investors from his network.


In 2005, David was one of the original investors in MailChannels, a leader in the next generation of technologies in email security to prevent wasteful and harmful email such as spam and viruses. He was also an independent Director of MailChannels for three years. In 2007, MailChannels was the winner of the MIT Spam Conference best paper award which garnered coverage in The Washington Post. MailChannels has continued to grow and expand both its customers and product lines, while staying focused on the email security market.

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