Articles to Inspire

These articles are available for reprint in online or printed publications. Please contact me for more information.

Thriving Through the Downturn -- Eleven Strategies to Make Your Company Boom, By David J. Greer. Market corrections can be a superb time for companies to take advantage of incredible opportunities to not just thrive, but to grow and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I surveyed over two hundred entrepreneurs with experience in downturns to discover the best ways to manage through the current business cycle. In this article I provide eleven strategies that you can use today to make your company successful, not despite the current market conditions, but because of them. Read more.

How to Engage Your Entire Organization in Driving Business Results, by Kevin Lawrence and David J. Greer. I teamed up with top business coach Kevin Lawrence to showcase an outstanding example of a high performing business. This example documents a leadership team who has created notable change, not only in the performance of the company, but in the level of service delivered to clients. An incredible theme aligned the entire company creating marked and measurable performance over a period of 90 days. Read more.

How to Turn an Industry on Its Head: Become Masters at Delivering on Big Promises, by Kevin Lawrence and David J. Greer. Marketing and advertising work best when you speak to the customer's biggest need or pain and show them how your products or services can give them what they want. In many cases, companies struggle with the effectiveness of their marketing because they talk about things that don't get the attention of their potential customers. Read more.

Let the World Help You Get Things Done, by David J. Greer. In good times and bad, businesses need help to achieve their goals. What if you could easily draw on the global talent pool to dramatically increase the people you can hire on contract to get things done? What if you could obtain the services of top contractors for a fraction of the cost of what you are used to paying? Read more.